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Watch the video “I’m Tyler … don’t be surprised

About the Video

The video “I’m Tyler … don’t be surprised” was first created in 2006 as a part of Tyler’s Eagle Scout project. It was to be distributed to all school districts in Iowa for training administrators and educators about Ability Awareness. Before the DVDs were available from the producer for distribution, Tyler was getting requests for the DVD from around the country through this website. It seemed there were lots of folks wanting to know about Ability Awareness. Tyler was happy to oblige. There has never been a charge for DVDs.

The video has been used for the training of administrators and educatorsin academia, for general orientation training of staff in a variety of for-profit businesses, for training of service providers to those with disabilities, for organization staff who provide programs and activities, for families who are coping with a new life they hadn’t imagined, for religious organizations, and many more.

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