For Tyler


For Tyler

Please don’t push me away with the pain you may be feeling
Keep me very close by in your heart and in your mind

Take the time to make a new friend whenever you can
And then fondly remember the friend you had in me

When you’re tempted to feel sympathy or pity for someone
Take the time to understand them instead … it will help

Please remember we’re all different in abilities & disabilities
And we are all who we are … no one needs to be “fixed”

See, really see, people for who they are inside
Don’t be distracted by how they may be different from you

Love, really love, people … you know, as you love yourself
It was a good idea 2000 years ago and still is today

Always believe that what you do does makes a difference
It does … good deeds & thoughts will ripple around the world

Laugh out loud and with utter abandon often
It will make you and everyone around you feel better

When you see someone, anyone, smile and greet them
It will brighten their day and they will pass it on

Don’t give up on the world … it needs your help
I’ll continue to do my part … please help me … thank you

 I love you … but you already knew that