Tyler Greene
High School Senior Scholarship

Waterloo Community Foundation

The Tyler Greene Scholarship is awarded to the best-qualified high school senior in the Cedar Valley of Iowa. This includes Waterloo West, Waterloo East, Columbus, Valley Lutheran, Cedar Falls, and Waverly high schools. The scholarship is awarded in the spring of each year. Each selected recipient will be awarded a $2,500 repeating scholarship for up to 4 years, or a total possible scholarship of $10,000.

The best-qualified high school senior will have maintained a 2.0 GPA, filled out an application, requested references, and written a 500-word essay all supporting their personal involvement in and practice of Inclusion and Ability Awareness which benefits any person(s) deemed to be “different” and subsequently marginalized by our world. Ability Awareness is simply the skill of recognizing that what someone CAN do is much more important than what they CAN’T do.

Inclusion provides EVERYONE equal access to opportunities and resources and equal access to participation in those opportunities TOGETHER with all others. Inclusion does not support “Separate and Equal”, but promotes participation TOGETHER.

For an application and more detailed information about the requirements for your high school, please contact your high school or the Waterloo Community Foundation (319) 883-6022 referencing the Tyler Greene Scholarship.