Don't Be Surprised
The video “I’m Tyler … don’t be surprised” was created in 2006 as Tyler’s Eagle Scout project to introduce administrators and educators in Iowa to Ability Awareness. After spreading internationally, it became the foundation of Tyler’s speaking engagements across the US. And since Tyler’s passing in 2021, it has remained the foundation of his ever-continuing work of Inclusion. We invite you to learn more about Tyler’s work and Inclusion.

About Tyler

In the About Tyler section you will enjoy stories about Tyler and ways Inclusion and Ability Awareness impacted his life and the lives of others. You can read and watch media coverage of Tyler’s journey promoting the message Ability Awareness from San Diego to Washington DC. And you can also submit your own story of how Tyler’s video, presentations, or just Inclusion itself impacted your own family, friends, or students.


The E-Learning section is specifically for online classes or presentations you can use for yourself, students, or employees. This area will continue to grow as more learning topics are developed and added. Students, employees, or anyone can learn from the online classes, take online exams, and then earn a Certificate of Completion. We are always interested to know what other topics you would like to see represented.

Tyler’s Video

Quite simply, this is the destination for watching or downloading Tyer’s video, “I’m Tyler … don’t be surprised”. By the most conservative estimates, the video has been viewed by more than a million people worldwide. You can watch the video in five languages and learn more fun facts about the video and its creation. The message of Ability Awareness is timeless.

Tyler Greene Foundation

The Tyler Greene Foundation is dedicated to the mission of keeping Tyler’s work, his message, and his mission alive for future generations. The foundation supports the website and many other endeavors all promoting Inclusion of everyone and Ability Awareness. You have the opportunity to make a tax-deductible contribution to support the website, scholarships, sponsorships, and events all centered around Inclusion. Inclusion is a Team effort. Consider being on Tyler’s Team.

Online Resources

The Online Resources section is exactly what you would expect, i.e. online resources. There is a long list of organizations that promote Inclusion. Each one has its own perspective, its own method of addressing Inclusion. We hope you can find the information you need within this website or those listed as resources. If you have suggestions as to others that should be included on the list, please let us know. This section of the website will be ever expanding.


About the Website

Tyler was, and still is, a driving force in the promotion of Inclusion. That is at the center of this website. His presentations and trainings, primarily from the disability perspective, championed Inclusion for all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, or gender identity. His life exemplifies acceptance and Inclusion.

This site offers resources for learning about Inclusion and Ability Awareness, targeting classrooms, businesses, families, and those interested. It also gives insight into Tyler’s life, embodying and conveying the message of Inclusion and Ability Awareness. He serves as an inspiring example.


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Tyler Stories

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